Posted by: meteo038 | November 5, 2008

7 Ways to save a Relationship

I have read some tips how to breaking up relationship with your fiancee. There some “nice” strategy to make it work, and the good news is you never get side effect worst. Then with some “miracle”, i dont know maybe that is the right word, i have found a blog that tell the opposite tips to make you enjoy with your relationship.

Having rough times in your relationship? Everyone have these periods but don’t think breaking up just because some small issues because there are many ways to save a relationship and I will point some of them.

1.Communication: The most important way to save a relationship is communication. You must talk with your partner, because communication is the thing that builds, improves or destroy a relationship. You can solve all the problems that you have in your relationship if you just communicate.

2.Forgiveness: Forgive the mistakes of your partner because we all make mistakes and you could make a wrong step too. You mustn’t break up just because one mistake of your partner.

3.Trust: In every relationship, marriage, friendship, trust is the most important quality. If you want your partner to trust you, you must trust him too.

4.Show Your Feelings: If you want a serious relationship then you must show your partner that you care about him, that you love him.

5.Give Gifts: Even a flower can make your girlfriend love you more. In case you have a boyfriend, then I think a RC car or some collectibles will make him like a little boy.

6.Be Honest: You mustn’t lie. If you really want a serious relationship and a long one, then you will shorten the life of your relationship. Why lie? I personally don’t lie and I feel very good.The truth is better then a short time lie.

7.Sharing Your Problems: Share your problems with your partner. Try to open your soul in front of your partner because this will make your relationship stronger and it’s the base of a solid relationship. These are just a few ways to save a relationship, but all of them are efficient and if you use them you will have a strong and long relationship and you will save your relationship.

Just thinking that 7 points above, are there some effort that you try to make a better relationship? Its your choice..



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